ALL dogs sleep in large kennels or k9 cabins with elevated pet cots and comfy, sanitized bedding while soothing music quietly plays in the back ground. Skilled care givers are able to administer medication and special diets. Day school is included for Boarders, Day School Monday-Friday and supervised play on Saturday and Sunday. Additional charges if checked out after 9 am.

Please read our policy


  • 7am-9pm Includes Full Day of School
  • 12-1pm Includes ½ of School
  • 4-7 pm Includes Dinner/ Outdoor Time before Bed


  • 7am-9am No Additional Charges
  • 12-1pm ½ Day of School Added
  • 4-7 Pm Full Day of School Added


  • 7am-9 Am No Additional Charges
  • 9am-1pm ½ Day of Play Added
  • 1pm-7pm Full Day of Play Added


Boarding Includes Supervised Play but No School.


  • 8am-9 am No Additional Charges
  • 9am-1pm ½ Day of Play Added
  • 1pm-3pm Full Day of Play Added


Open From 8 Am- 3pm for Drop Off And Pick Up Boarding Includes Supervised Play but No School .


K9 Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog
(Dogs Less Than 40 lbs)
1 dog…$44
2 or more dogs…$40
10 or more nights…$40

Standard Kennel – Per night, Per Dog
1 dog…$45
2 or more dogs…$41
10 or more nights…$41

Luxury Suites – Per Night, Per Dog
1 dog…$50
2 or more dogs...$45
10 or more nights…$45

Penthouse – Per Night
1 dog…$55
2 or more dogs …$52
10 or more nights…$50

Monday-Friday Day School is included in the price of Boarding. Saturday-Sunday is supervised play ONLY. Holidays are supervised play ONLY.

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