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Meet the Team

Jennie Fuller
President/ Head Trainer

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  • 2005, Jennie Fuller became a certified Police K9 Instructor and Professional Obedience Trainer. This certificate includes, professional obedience and behavior modification, police patrol, narcotics and explosives detection, man trailing and SAR.
  • 2005 She personally trained and handled k9 Massima (German Shepherd) for man trailing/SAR.
  • They completed  trailing/tracking/cadaver/ and air scenting at an EMS work shop in Virginia which Jennie attends each year
  •  2005 became a REDS SAR team member located in Garner.
  • 2005-19 participates in search parties for missing people and/or dogs
  • 2005 Jennie personally trained and handled Belgian Malinois, k9 Lester, for narcotics detection.
  • 2005 became a  certified CGC evaluator.
  • 2006- currently Fosters for Independent Animal Rescue
  • 2006 Bogie, (Boxer/Pit) is a certified CGC that’s currently training for his NW1 title.
  • 2015 Assisted in designing and developing Top Dog Training and Resort
  • 2015 became a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and International Association of Canine Professionals
  • 2016 Personally trained and handled K9 Chesni in Man Trailing.
  • 2016 Personally trained/ certified and handles k9 Lapua in Man Trailing- currently in training to certify for Air Scenting/ CGC certified in 2019
  • 2016 Trains her k9’s with local police departments
  • 2017 Personally trained and certified k9 Judge in Man Trailing
  • 2017 Raised and trained 2 litters of Czech/Slovakian line German Shepherds
  • 2018-19 Lead Top Dog Training to win the Readers Choice Best Boarding Facility Award
  • 2018 Attended a Tactical Emergency K9 Seminar
  • 2019 TR Wilderness Certified
  • 2019 FEMA certified
  • 2019 Appeared in Episode 05-K9 Search and Rescue video which aired on UNCTV
  • 2019 Developing a non-profit to rescue and retire senior dogs
  • . *Peoples love and awareness of their dogs’ need for structure and exercise has allowed Jennie to follow her passion of training dogs and educating the community.

Ashley Eisenbuchner

Lead Boarding School Trainer/ Private Lessons Instructor/ Group Training Instructor

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  • Born and raised in South Florida.
  • At age 13, began volunteering for a local nature center that rescued and rehabilitated
  • Volunteered at the local animal hospital in the Pet Care department while in high school.
  • 2014 started job at the animal hospital while attending Florida Atlantic University.
  • 2016 Graduated from Florida Atlantic University with an A.A. degree.
  • 2016 Relocated to North Carolina to explore new opportunities.
  • 2017 worked at Good Day Doodles whelping roughly 20 litters of Australian
  • 2018 Began working at Top Dog as a Kennel Attendant/Day School Trainer.
  • 2018 Promoted to Day School Leader
  • 2019 Promoted to Boarding School Leader
  • 2019 Attended Tarheel Canine in to obtain Professional Trainer certification.
  • Lead Trainer for Boarding School students/ Private Lessons/ Group classes/ and loving every minute of it!
  • Specializes in young puppy behavior and development/ reading dog behavior in group play/ and fearful dogs
  • Currently training her Lab mix rescue dog (Dot)

Garrett Dalfrey

Boarding School Trainer/ Private Lessons Instructor/ Group Training Instructor

Garrett Dalfrey 250x250 - Meet the Team
  • Born in Livonia, Louisiana
  • Raised and trained hunting dogs all of his life
  • 2009 volunteered at the Baton Rogue Zoo and worked with the elephants and large cats
  • Joined the Army in 2012
  • While in the Army he graduated at the top of his Basic Training Group, receiving the Certificate of Achievement, the Global War on Terror ribbon, the National Defense Service ribbon, and the Army Service ribbon.
  • He was a Combat Medic
  • Volunteered in the training of future Combat Medics
  • In 2013 he became an EMT
  • He received the EMS Life Saver Award in 2014.
  • 2019 Joined Top Dog Training and Resort as a Day School Trainer and was quickly promoted as a Boarding School Trainer /Private Lessons Instructor/Group Classes Instructor
  • Specializes in dogs with high drive
  • Currently training his personal dogs, Leia (English Golden Retriever) and Clark (German Shepherd)

Steve Clevenger
Kennel Leader

Steve Kennel Tech 250x250 - Meet the Team
  • Born in Newark, Ohio
  • Joined the Marine Corp in 1993
  • While in the Corp he received the National Defense Medal, The Good Conduct Medal, and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • He was a Firearms Instructor
  • Member of the Nuclear Weapons Team
  • In 1998 he became a Correctional Officer in which he supervised State Inmates and worked as an Officer-in Charge supervising staff and inmates.
  • He was an Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor
  • Maintenance Officer
  • In 2013 Steve started his own Furniture Restoration business
  • He noticed Top Dog open just a few doors down from where he lives and had to apply because he loves dogs. Steve has been an invaluable part of the Top Dog Team since April 2016.
Austin Peters 250x250 - Meet the Team

Austin Peters
Day School Trainer

Mia Bozeman - Meet the Team

Mia Bozeman
Day School Trainer

Dominique Jacobs scaled 250x250 - Meet the Team

Dominique Jacobs
Day School Leader

Savannah Tuck - Meet the Team

Savannah Tuck

Clay Watkins small - Meet the Team

Clay Watkins
Day School Trainer/Kennel Tech

Olivia Bennett 250x250 - Meet the Team

Olivia Bennett
Day School Trainer/Kennel Tech