American Heart Month – Everything you Need to Know About Your Pet’s Heart Health

February is not just the month of love. It is also American heart month. Each year, during the second-month, heart health is made a part of the public discourse. Heart defects are one of the leading causes of natural death in humans worldwide. But poor heart health also plagues animals all around the world.

Pets can develop complicated heart conditions such as cardiomyopathy or aortic stenosis, which affect the structure of their hearts. High blood pressure is also a common ailment in cats and dogs. The sooner you find out about any underlying heart problems in your pets, the better you can provide them with the needed care.

When you get a dog or any other pet, everything seems fun and full of excitement. But bringing a pet into your life is not so easy. You need to constantly look after them and make sure that they are in their best form. Unlike humans, your beloved pet cannot tell you if they’re experiencing chest pains or other heart troubles.

American heart month is dedicated to raising awareness regarding the horrors of inferior heart health. It urges people to take preventative measures for better heart health. From an active lifestyle to regular heart screenings, everything comes under the preventative measures for more effective heart care.

There are some critical changes in a pet’s lifestyle that a pet owner can make to make them healthier and happier. According to veterinarians, here is what you can do for your pets in honor of American Heart Month.

Regular physical activity

Make sure you take your fluffy friend out for a run or walk daily. And at home, play with them as much as you can.

Healthy food

For supreme heart health, you should try and feed your pet low-calorie, protein-rich food. This is especially important if you feel that your pet isn’t active enough, as you need to counteract their lack of exercise with healthier food choices.

Regular visits to the vet

Checkups are a must when it comes to taking care of a pet. You need to take your fluffy buddy to the doc every month and get them vaccinated regularly.

Thorough health care is not only vital for humans, but it is also essential for pets too. When you adopt an animal friend, you must learn to give them the best possible medical care to thrive. Spend this American heart month learning more about how to care for your own heart as well as your little fur baby’s heart.

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