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Welcome to Top Dog Training and Resort, where the dogs sleep tight because we do boarding right. Top Dog is a 4300 square foot home nestled on 5 acres. Our exclusive facility is a school, training/fitness center, spa, and boarding resort for your dog.

Jennie Fuller, the owner of Top Dog Training and Resort, lives on site so your dog will be chaperoned even when they are tucked in at night.

Jennie Fuller Is a certified K9 Instructor and Master Trainer, as well as a certified CGC evaluator. She specializes in professional obedience and behavior modification, man trailing and SAR.

Looking for a way to go on a vacation without worrying about your furry friend? Woof! You’ve arrived at the right place! Enjoy Peace of Mind While You’re on the Go.

Almost all of us find ourselves in situations where we have to go out of town either on a vacation or for work and there’s no one to look after our pup. This is where Hillsborough Pet Resort comes in. With our overnight dog care facility, you can rest assured that your dog is in safe hands and will have the time of their lives throughout their stay.

At the Hillsborough Pet Resort location, our mission is to provide our four-legged guests with a comfortable, exciting, and safe stay. We treat your dogs as if they are a part of our family. Our team of caring professionals understands that building a relationship with each dog is essential to make the change of homes smooth and easy for your furry friend. Your dog’s accommodations include an orthopedic bed that provides them support for their joints. We provide soft, fluffy blankets to keep them snuggled up in the winter and comfy cool in the summer.

Our building is eco-friendly and sanitized to keep your pup safe and clean. Soft, classical music is played throughout the day so your pup can relax and unwind in between fun, socializing games.

We strive to customize each dog’s stay to meet their specific needs. At our 1800 sq. ft. state-of the art facility, your dog will receive individual attention. Whether you’re worried about their play time, nutrition, or sleep, our team of experts will do everything to make your dog feel right at home!

‘Home Away from Home’ For Your Dog Your pup’s comfort, safety, and health top our list of priorities. Every dog is treated with utmost care and attention. They will receive the highest standard of comfort and safety just like they get it from you.

We are an all-inclusive boarding, training, school, spa, and resort. We will not charge you extra for administering medications, serving your pup their own special diet, belly rubs, snuggle time, treats, tucked in for a good night sleep by the on-site chaperone , pool time, tons of outdoor play, nor extra attention to detail. Come take a tour so you can see for yourself how much fun your pup will have!


Top Dog is furnished with all the necessary items to help your pet feel at home. We provide bowls, blankets, and additional bedding. To help ensure your pets belongings are not misplaced during their visit with us, each pets’ suite has an assigned number. The number is also assigned to an individual cubby that your pet will receive. Your pet’s food and additional belongings will be stored here. Make sure the belongings are labeled with your pet’s name so we can return the belongings to decrease chances of the items becoming lost. We highly recommend that you bring food for your pet to help keep their routine as normal as possible. When bringing food we ask that you package the food in individual Ziplock bags, one for each meal. We ask that it be packaged this way so we can better monitor your pet’s eating habits while staying with us.

We designed our facility to create a safe, comfortable, and quiet place for your pet to rest surrounded by relaxing classical music in between group activities. The home setting makes it easier for your pet to transition from your home to ours and back to your home. We designed our suites to look and feel like a bedroom, so your pet feels safe and comfortable at “Favorite Aunt Jennie’s house.


Mondays to Saturdays
7 am – 4 pm

1 pm – 7 pm

info icon - Grooming Free day of school per night your pup sleeps over

info icon - Grooming

Early check-ins
6 am – 7 am

Additional cost


no additional charges
7 am

+ $18
9 am

+ $35
1 pm 7 pm

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Late check-out
6 pm – 7 pm

Additional cost

Nightly Boarding Rates

Our Boarding Rates stay the same ALL year round! We love your pups the same even during peak season.

K9 Crate – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

Penthouse – Per Night

1x dog


2x dogs

3x dogs

K9 Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog


2x dogs

3x dogs

Luxury Suites – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Standard Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Holiday and Summer Policy

During the summer season (June 1- Labor Day) and weekends, we ask that you communicate your cancellation to us at least 3 days prior to the start of your reservation. Doing so will enable us to give the room to another pup who needs it.

For all major holidays, we also require a non-refundable boarding deposit of $100. These holidays include the weeks of New Year’s, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

If your plans change and you need to cancel your boarding reservation prior to 7 days of the original check-in date, your boarding deposit will remain on your account to be used for any future service for up to a year.

If your plans change and you need to cancel within the 7 days of the original check-in date, your deposit will be forfeited. If you shorten your holiday stay by more than two nights, or to where you are no longer boarding over the holiday, the deposit will also be lost.

Boarding Accomodations

Top Dog is an eco-friendly facility. Our aqua air cleaning system ensures your pet sleeps in a sanitary and healthy environment. Our state-of-the-art UV filtration system ensures that your pet breaths fresh and clean air. We have a dehumidifier to help keep moisture down and our fire and sprinkler system is installed and monitored throughout the entire facility.

We offer spacious and clean suites with elevated orthopedic beds to help your pet rest more comfortably. Day school is included for all Boarders Monday-Friday and supervised play on Saturday and Sunday. This means, if your pet sleeps at our home, there is no charge for that day of school. they rest.


K9cabin- 4 x4

Standard- 4 x 6

Luxury- 5 x 7

Penthouse -6 x 10

Preparing to board

What to Bring:

1. Vaccination records

To show proof your pet is up to date on the following: DHLPP (The annual or 3-year vaccine), Rabies, Bordetella (Canine Cough), Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis, Negative Fecal results (within 6 months of boarding start date), and Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention. They can be emailed ahead of time if you wish, or we can make copies at the time of drop-off. We cannot accept any dogs into our facility that does not have proof of these vaccinations. This is to ensure all dogs are protected. 

2. Food

Keeping your pet on the food they get at home helps keep their digestive system balanced. Switching foods can cause upset stomachs and loose stools. Please make sure enough food is supplied for the length of time they will be visiting (ex: A 40 lb bag of dog food would be ideal for a 3 week stay). If your dog is high-energy and loves to run and play, we recommend increasing their usual food amount; this will provide extra calories to fuel their daily group training rotations and prevent weight loss.

Each meal should be individually packaged per feeding. Please let us know if your pet has a special diet or feeding instructions. 

3. Any medicine

Any medicine your pet needs: Flea/Tick Prevention, Heartworm, Antibiotic, Supplements, Ointments, etc… All medications and supplements must be in their original containers with your pet’s name and dosage.

4. A down payment

A down payment in the amount of 1/2 of the cost of the training program is required at drop off and the balance is due upon picking up your pet. (BOARDING SCHOOL ONLY).

For all major holidays we also require a non-refundable boarding down payment of two nights’ stay. If you cancel your boarding reservation prior to 7 days of the original check-in date, your boarding down payment will be held on your account for one year and can be used for any future service. If you cancel within the 7 days of the original check-in date, your down payment will be forfeited. In addition, if you shorten your holiday stay by more than two nights, or to where you are no longer boarding over the holiday, the down payment will also be lost.

5. Your pet’s favorite things

Treats (if your dog has food allergies and cannot eat our treats), We can schedule owner-provided treats for your dog at naps or bedtime! Please make sure that any bones your dog brings to Top Dog are splinter safe. We do not recommend toys with squeakers or rawhide chews, as they can become a choking hazard.

A blanket or shirt that smells like home (please limit this to one and label it with your dog’s 1st and last name. When it leaves the kennel suite and goes to laundry, we need to know who it belongs to). We have plenty of food and water bowls. Please do not bring anything of sentimental value. We request that you do not send in stuffed beds, as they cannot be disinfected should an accident occur. Instead, we will provide orthopedic beds. We will be hypervigilant in returning your items to you at check-out. Please limit what you bring to essentials.

6. Worming

Negative Fecal results (within 1 year of boarding start date). We cannot accept any dogs into our facility that does not have proof of these results. This is to ensure all dogs are protected. Dogs can carry worms from puppyhood throughout their lives. Their immune system keeps them dormant most of the time along with preventative worming. We recommend having your dog wormed before arriving.

If your dog is on Simparica, Heartguard Plus, Sentinal, Trifexis, or Interceptor, your dog is already being wormed monthly. Preventive worming does not guarantee your dog against worms but should kill any adults your dog is currently carrying.

7. Update Emergency Contact Information

Accidents and illness can happen as these social pups play all day and then camp out with their canine friends. When filling out the emergency contact information, please make sure the contact is in town and available to pick up your dog, and/or make medical decisions if needed. We will always notify the pet parent first.


Every pet that comes to Top Dog is evaluated to ensure we match your dog’s personality with the group that fits them best. Each pet must pass an evaluation before being placed in group for safety. Our groups are broken down into 5-9 types. The groups are determined by your dog’s size and play style. Each group has a number attached to it and once your pet is evaluated that number is then attached to your pet’s profile to ensure the proper placement every time he or she visits.

We require a half day of day school for our trainers to evaluate how your dog socializes in a group setting. One of our trainers will then meet with you and give you an overview of your dog’s behavior and social skills.  There is ½ day of school charge of $18.  If your dog is a first-time boarder and you are unable to meet with us before your scheduled boarding, the evaluation will be done the first day of boarding and the $18 fee will be added to the dog’s stay.

Special Needs

At Top Dog Training and Resort, our trained team is happy to provide any special care your dog may need while you are away. Before you book your reservation, we can discuss any additional care your dog requires, including monitoring for seizures, limited activity, post- surgical care (medications, light wound cleaning, monitoring of stitches) or puppy proofing.

We ask that all medications be brought in their original container, marked with your dog’s name and dosage instructions. We would also like to know the reason for your dog’s taking the medication. In the event of a health emergency, our standard procedure is to contact you or your emergency contact. If, in our opinion, your dog’s condition requires immediate medical attention, we will bring them to your regular vet whenever possible; if your regular vet is not available, we will bring them to our veterinarian of choice. If it is after hours, we will bring them to the closest Emergency Vet.

Dog Boarding FAQ’s

Can we bring wet or raw food?

We accept wet, raw, or refrigerated food in addition to dry. However, we have limited refrigerator space. If your pup is staying with us for more than 3 nights, we recommend packing a freeze-dried food.

What if my dog runs out of food while they are boarding?

If necessary, your pup can eat our house food for a small additional fee. It’s a salmon-based diet and easy to digest.