The Best Dog Training and Boarding Near Me in Charlotte, NC

Top Dog Training and Resort is your premier resource for dog obedience training, grooming, and boarding in the Triangle Area.

At Top Dog, we understand that every dog is unique, and our expert staff puts your dog and their needs first for a truly exceptional experience.

Dog Training Services at Top Dog

When you’re looking for training for dogs near me in Charlotte, look no further than Top Dog!

We offer a variety of dog training services to accomodate both your dog’s training needs and your busy schedule, including:

Our dog obedience training students all learn in engaging, small group settings, and they get to take advantage of our state of the art facility, which includes three classrooms:

The indoor training room, where dogs learn the basics of good behavior

The spacious outdoor play area, where dogs learn to socialize and play

The spacious outdoor play area, where dogs learn to socialize and play

Dogs enrolled in our boarding school programs will have the opportunity to learn advanced dog obedience training techniques, like staying down in a specific location.

Our 4-week students learn off-leash recall, and our 6-week students receive instruction in how to behave, even when they are off the leash. Boarding school graduates also get free follow-up lessons for life!

All of the trainers at our obedience school for dogs are fully certified, so you know that your dog is in good hands! You simply won’t find a better dog trainer near me in Charlotte, NC!

We also offer in-home private lessons that focus on the dog-owner relationship, creating a customized training plan to address issues like:

  • Being home alone
  • Behaving around guests
  • Destroying furniture and family members’ belongings
  • House training

Boarding at Top Dog

Whether your dog is participating in one of our boarding school programs or needs somewhere safe and engaging to stay while you are away on vacation, Top Dog Training and Resort is the best choice.

Our boarders get enjoy comfortable, sanitized bedding and a variety of suite options to suit your dog’s size and needs, including:

  • K9 crate
  • K9 cabin (4×4)
  • Standard suite (4×6)
  • Luxury suite (5×7)
  • Penthouse (6×10)

Nightly Boarding Rates

Our Boarding Rates stay the same ALL year round! We love your pups the same even during peak season.

K9 Crate – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

Penthouse – Per Night

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

K9 Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Luxury Suites – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Standard Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs


K9cabin- 4 x4

Standard- 4 x 6

Luxury- 5 x 7

Penthouse -6 x 10

We also keep our boarders engaged with plenty of play time, individualized attention, and access to our day school for dog obedience training on the weekdays.

When you board with Top Dog, an attentive staff will always be there for your precious pooch. We are equipped to administer medications, adhere to special diets, and make sure your dog gets plenty of belly rubs and snuggles!

info icon - Grooming Top Dog’s owner and lead trainer, Jennie, also lives at the boarding facilities, so your dog will have an expert nearby 24/7 when they stay with us.

Top Dog’s training and boarding near me in Charlotte is your furry friend’s home away from home!

Grooming at Top Dog

Grooming is important to helping your dog look, feel their best, and stay healthy, so Top Dog Training and Resort also offers the best dog grooming in Charlotte, NC, in addition to providing superior boarding and dog obedience training near me.

Specific grooming recommendations vary depending on your dog’s breed, size, and the current state of their coat, but our expert groomers can help you come up with the right grooming plan for your dog.

Top Dog’s grooming services include:

  • A full-service oatmeal bath with leave-in conditioner, blow drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and an optional dash of cologne
  • Trimming of hair around the face, paws, privates, and any other requested areas
  • A full breed-specific hair cut with ear plucking and the option for pattern cuts and special requests
  • Nail clipping
  • De-matting
  • Anal gland expression

Bows are also available upon request, and keep an eye on our social media for special seasonal offerings for our grooming clients, like festive bandanas and pictures with Santa!

The Top Dog Difference in Charlotte, NC

What makes Top Dog Training and Resort stand out from other dog trainers near me?

Our staff of fully certified trainers has carefully designed an environment that is fun, comfortable, and individualized to make sure that every dog has the resources they need to succeed.

Our philosophy combines multiple training theories to ensure that every dog is engaged and able to learn at their own pace, providing achievable challenges and opportunity for real-world application of their lessons.

That’s why we offer so many options for training for dogs near me, boarding, and grooming–allowing us to support dogs but also their owners throughout the entire process.

We even offer a shuttle service to make sure that your dogs makes it safely to our facilities and back home, all without disrupting your busy schedule.

info icon - Grooming Contact us today to treat your perfect pooch to the best grooming, boarding, and dog obedience training near me in Charlotte!