Bathing your pet can be a stressful job and may leave you completely exhausted. Instead take a break from grooming your pup and let the experts at Top Dog Training & Resort do the job. Our team will deal with all the cleaning work with ease.

We understand how important is dog grooming and cleaning especially if your pet loves to play out in the mud. But doing that yourself can be messy and you might not get the results you hoped for. But don’t worry!

At Top Dog Training and Resort, we offer excellent dog grooming in Chapel Hill in fun-filled environment. We believe in maintaining a regular hygiene level to promote the healthy life of your pet, which is the reason why we give the top priority to your pet’s grooming and personal care.

To provide error free services, we only employ people who are certified in taking care of dogs and providing exceptional grooming solutions. They also provide a warm environment for the dogs to undergo grooming sessions.

Our Dog Grooming Chapel Hill Services Include A Wide Range Of Doggie Care Packages

Is your pup looking scruffy lately? A good bath is the cure! Washing and thorough cleaning by an expert is exactly what your pup needs to look sharp and shiny again. Luckily, bathing also is the first step towards pet grooming.


Here are our bathing dog daycare Chapel Hill packages:

Full-Service Bath Package:

Our full-service bath package comprises of ear cleaning, nail trimming, oatmeal bath, leave in conditioner, blow drying and cologne spray.

Full-Service Bath Plus Trim Package:

Our full-service bath plus trim package offers hair trimming around face, paws, the private areas.

Full Service Bath Plus Styling Pack:

Our full-service bath plus styling pack proposes all service bath items along with haircut (based on dog breed and specific demand), ear plucking and if you want your dog to pull off a madonna style, we can also arrange that on a special request.

Our prices may vary based on the number of services you require. Prices may also vary depending on the type of haircut you demand for the pup and other additional services such as de-matte, coating, nail paints, bowties etc.

By opting for our dog grooming Chapel Hill services you’ll be fulfilling your responsibility of being a caring dog parent as this will not just make your pup look good but will also keep him away from sickness. If are looking forward to groom your doggie, give us a call and discuss your requirements with us.