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Eager to pamper your tail-wagging partner this weekend? Top Dog Training & Resort – the premier dog grooming center in Durham, NC is the right place for you!

From clipping nails, trimming fur, brushing, removing ticks, bathing, blow dry or any other personal care, it’s just a whole new ordeal for dog parents to deal with.

But not anymore as we do this herculean job and you can sit & relax!

Whether it’s just the regular bath, the naughty buddy got muddy, or received a birthday invitation from another furry friend, we can make your pup looking prim and proper to win the hearts around!

Our Dog Grooming Services Include

Standard Bath Session

●     Oatmeal bath

●     Leave-in conditioner

●     Blow drying

●     Nail trimming

●     Ear cleaning

●     Cologne (optional)

Standard Bath + Trimming Session

●     Face

●     Paws

●     The potty and private areas

●     Other special requests

Standard Bath + Styling Session

●     Full breed-specific haircut

●     Ear Pluck

●     Full scissor or pattern cut options (may cost more)

●     Other special requests

Going for a Dog Party?

It’s Time for A Paw-Some Grooming Session

Our Premium Grooming Services

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Grooming Rates That Are Loved by Many Dog Parents

Maintaining the highest level of dog hygiene, and well-being is our sanctum dictum (unsaid rule)! Whether it’s as young as a few months-old or years-old Fido, regular care and grooming is indispensable to stay hale and hearty!

Our dog grooming services are competitively priced keeping the breed, coat size and your specific demands in due consideration.  From our standard grooming to exclusive doggy care services, we have kept it reasonable for the pet owners!

Seek opinion from your vet on how frequently you pooch needs a bath to determine if you need our standard or get a custom package.

Remember, except on the notified national holidays, we are available to serve your adorable four-leg companions at your convenient time and day of the year!  For any more information, we would be more than pleased to answer your queries.

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We Handle Dog Grooming with Perfection in Durham, NC

Most dogs resist bathing and often exhibit extreme discomfort or unruly behavior in a way you can’t even imagine.  No wonder, most pet parents prefer taking their dogs to specialized doggy care centers instead of living the nightmare!

We boast of highly trained dog specialists to groom the toughest of the breed with patience and consideration.  From using vet-recommended, pet-friendly safe products (shampoo, conditioner, towels etc.) to assiduous cleaning, we take full responsibility of making your doggy look squeaky clean!

If you’re planning to spoil your pooch in a temperature-controlled, fully equipped clean facility, we are just a call away to get it sorted for you! Our Hillsborough-based dog grooming center serve Chapel Hill, Durham, and many other parts of North Carolina.

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We Offer More Than Just Dog Grooming

Our years of dedicated perseverance to meticulously deliver top-class dog services has earned us undulating love and appreciation of many local customers.

From providing grooming facility, boarding, to dog training, we are all-in-one doggy day care center for Durham and many other regions.

Finding it hard to spare time to bring your pet to our doors? We have special shuttle services to pick and drop your furry friend at your convenient time and place.

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