Top Dog Training and Resort is a one-stop place for dog grooming in Durham, NC where you can spoil your dog with the best treats! We promise that your dog will enjoy its grooming sessions as much as it loves rolling in the mud and playing ‘fetch’ with you!

Our dog grooming team in Durham knows how to make your pet feel comfortable, pampered, and stylish! We are always willing to go the extra mile because we believe that your pet deserves every bit of love, compassion, and care! Whether your dog needs a deep bath and brush, nail trimming and filing, or a fun makeover session, we promise highly personalized treatment every time!

Our Services:

Wash, Condition, Blow

Worried about dog odor and infections? We offer a full grooming service to give your dog a wonderful makeover! Our experts will give them a nice bath, condition and blow-dry their fur for a smooth, silky touch that feels luxurious. We’ll also brush out to get rid of those tangles, and clean the ear, and clip the nails of your dog if you like! You can rest assured that the bathing tools and equipment we use will be perfectly suited to your dog’s hair and skin needs.

Professional Trimming

Our groomers specialize in giving a trim that suits the particular needs of your pet. We guarantee that you and your pet will have a ‘paws’-itive trimming experience with us!

Deluxe Styling

Our dog grooming professionals are well-trained and highly experienced to deliver only the best quality styling services. We’ll adorn your pet with colorful bows, flashy nail paints, and pretty fur trimming because they deserve to get dolled up! We promise you won’t have to worry even a bit when your furry friend is in our hands! Your dog’s smile, energy, and appearance will tell you all!

So, what are you waiting for? Book a grooming session for your pet in Durham, NC TODAY!