Hillsborough Dog Grooming

Snip, snip, snip… Is your dog due for its next trimming session? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Top Dogs Training and Resort offers dog grooming for residents at Hillsborough, NC.

Like you, we believe that proper grooming is the key to keep pups healthy. That’s why we’ve built an establishment that caters to your doggie grooming and styling needs. Our skilled stylists and groomers ensure that your pups look presentable when they walk out of our doors.

It’s time for TLC for your dog:

Tidy Trimmings

Did you try taking the DIY-route to trim your dog’s fur? We can guess how that turned out!  You can avoid making the same mistake again by sending your dog over for a professional trim. Our certified groomers know how to manage those fussy furballs. They’ll make sure that your dog gets trimmed and clipped from top to bottom. We also entertain special trimming services if required.

Lavish Baths

Smooth, shiny coats are no longer a dream! Dogs either love splashing in the water or they loathe it. There seems to be no in-between for our furry friends. However, amidst the coaxing and fun―you often miss a spot in your cleaning endeavors.

It’s why we’ve created a complete bathing experience for your K9. From matted fur, frantic itching, to muddy situations ―we’ve got a solution for every dog grooming problem.

The best part is that our dog grooming packages go beyond washing and scrubbing. We’ve also included fur conditioning, blow-drying, and nail trimming too!

Cute Styling

It’s time to give your pups a makeover! In this day and age, grooming is no longer restricted to bathing and trimming. You’ve got to take things up a notch by bringing fashion into the mix.

Lucky for you! We give you access to an array of styling services for your dog. The list consists of everything from painted nails, colored fur to patterned trimming. Besides this, we’ve got a cute range of accessories (e.g. bandanas and bows) to complete the look.

Our Paw Protocol

We understand that dogs need to be handled with care.

That’s the reason why we offer them:

  • A comfortable and relaxing environment.
  • An opportunity to mingle with other pets.
  • Dog-friendly cleaning solutions.

What’s more? We make sure that our services meet your requirements. So feel free to contact us beforehand if you’ve got something special in mind. Don’t have time to groom your dog? Book an appointment with the  best dog grooming team in Hillsborough!