Grand Opening Celebration!

On Sunday, November 22, Jennie Fuller of Top Dog Training and Resort will celebrate the grand opening of Hillsborough’s newest day school, training/fitness center, spa and boarding resort for dogs. Top Dog will offer the following:

  • Boarding VIP Suites – Spacious, clean, suites with elevated beds allow your dog(s) to rest comfortably for a luxury experience. Day School is included for boarders Monday-Friday.
  • Day School  – 6 hours of physical, cognitive, and mental activities with weekly reports.
  • Outdoor Play/Exercise – Outdoor Play/ Exercise area is designed to have 4, exclusive, large, fenced play areas for grouping dogs according to temperament and size.
  • Eco Friendly – Aqua Air System for state of the art cleaning so your dog(s) sleep in a sanitary and healthy environment.
  • All areas are covered with artificial turf to keep your dog(s) clean and comfortable.
  • Grooming – Onsite grooming service using natural products to pamper your special pooch.
  • Boarding School – 3 week boarding sessions for dogs that need extra training with all their needs covered.
  • Group Training Classes – For owners that want to participate in each step of their dog’s training progress.
  • SAR and Cross Fit Training – We’re the only certified  trainers in the area who provide professional group classes on SAR (search and rescue) and Cross Fit training.
  • Shuttle Service – Pick up and Drop off services are available for owners with a busy lifestyle!
  • New Technology – We offer online boarding and day school reservations and provide reports on the progress of your k9 with analytical software.
  • Onsite Residence – The owner of Top Dog lives onsite so your dogs will be chaperoned 24/7.

Jennie Fuller, owner/ head trainer, is a certified Police K9 Instructor and Professional Obedience Trainer. This certificate includes professional obedience and behavior modification, police patrol, narcotics and explosives detection, man trailing and search and rescue. She’s a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

Peoples love and awareness of their dogs’ need for structure and exercise has allowed me to follow my passion of training dogs and educating the community. – Jennie Fuller

1pm to 5pm – 2112 Orange Grove Rd.  Hillsborough, NC.