Looking for Training for Dogs Near Me in Greensboro, NC?

If you’re looking for dog obedience training near me, Top Dog Training and Resort is your best option in the Triangle area.

We provide superior dog grooming, dog boarding, and dog training services to Greensboro, Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding regions.

What makes us stand out from other dog trainers near me? Keep reading to find out more about the Top Dog difference!

Top Dog’s Obedience Training

Top Dog’s expertly crafted dog training services are the heart of our business.

We understand that every dog has their own learning style and pace, and our staff of fully certified trainers respond to these needs to make sure that your dog masters important skills, while having fun!

We use cutting-edge training techniques that focus on keeping dogs engaged while also teaching them to apply their dog obedience training near you in the real world.That’s why our facility uses three classrooms:

  • The indoor training room
  • The outdoor play area
  • Pet-friendly establishments

Top Dog offers three different tracks for our obedience training for dogs near me in Greensboro, NC: day school, boarding school, and private lessons.

Our day school gives dogs an enriching alternative to staying home alone all day while the family is at work or at school! We offer both full day (5-8 hours) and half day (4 hours or less) options for day school dogs.

Our dog obedience training students also have access to Top Dog’s shuttle service , which will pick up and drop off your dog from school every day!

Top Dog’s signature dog training service, however, is our boarding school program. We offer 3 different tracks: the 3-week (basic on-leash) course, 4-week (on-leash + off-leash recall course), and 6-week (leash-free advanced) course.

Our boarding school graduates also receive free follow-up lessons for life!

Private dog training focuses on manners within the home, both when alone and with company, and the dog-owner relationship. One of our trainers will help you assess your dog’s unique needs and create a customized training plan.

If your dog tends to misbehave more at home, private lessons with a Top Dog trainer near me might be a good choice.

Private home lessons are a good idea if your dog struggles with issues like:

  • Being home alone
  • Behaving around guests
  • Destroying furniture and family members’ belongings
  • House training

Top Dog’s Boarding Resort

We don’t just provide the best training for dogs near me in Greensboro, NC; we are also your number one choice for boarding!

Our comfortable boarding facilities are your dog’s home away from home. They can stay with us as part of our boarding school program, or they can come for a visit while your family is on vacation, moving, or completing a home renovation.

Top Dog offers a variety of suite options with cozy, sanitized bedding to meet your dog’s size and needs, including a:

  • K9 crate
  • K9 cabin (4×4)
  • Standard suite (4×6)
  • Luxury suite (5×7)
  • Penthouse (6×10)

Nightly Boarding Rates

Our Boarding Rates stay the same ALL year round! We love your pups the same even during peak season.

K9 Crate – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

Penthouse – Per Night

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

K9 Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Luxury Suites – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs

Standard Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog

1x dog

2x dogs

3x dogs


K9cabin- 4 x4

Standard- 4 x 6

Luxury- 5 x 7

Penthouse -6 x 10

When your dog boards with us, they get as much attention as they would at home! We make sure that they get everything they need, from medications and specialized diets to belly rubs and snuggles!

Our boarders also enjoy access to our doggie day school program while they are with us during the week, and on the weekend, they get lots of supervised play time.

info icon - Grooming Top Dog’s owner and lead trainer, Jennie, also lives at the boarding facilities, so your dog will have an expert nearby 24/7 when they stay with us.

Top Dog’s Groomers and Spa

Grooming is important for your dog’s health, but it’s also a great way to pamper your pooch! Our grooming and spa services keep your dog looking and feeling their best.

A dog’s professional grooming needs depends on their breed and size, as well as what their at-home grooming routine looks like. When you bring your furry friend to Top Dog, our expert groomers will work with you to develop the best grooming approach.

Our grooming services include:

The full service bath package: an oatmeal bath with leave-in conditioner, blow drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and an optional dash of cologne

The full service bath and trim package: everything included with the full service bath, as well as trimming of hair around the face, paws, private areas, and any other requested areas

The full service bath and styling package: everything included with the full service path plus a breed-specific hair cut with ear plucking and the option for pattern cuts and special requests

We also offer nail clipping, de-matting, anal gland expression, and special bows and bandanas!

Top Dog: The Best Dog Training and Boarding Near Me in Greensboro

As you can see, Top Dog Training and Resort provides the Triangle area’s best dog grooming, dog training, and boarding near me!

Our philosophy puts you and your dog first, addressing your needs based on our fully certified staff’s combined decades of experience with dogs.

info icon - Grooming Contact us today to pamper your pooch and experience the best boarding, grooming, and obedience training for dogs near me in Greensboro, NC!