Happy National Service Dog Month

We all love dogs, but for some people, dogs aren’t just furry friends; they’re co-workers who ensure that their owners can execute all their daily tasks safely.

September is National Service Dog Month, and the staff here at Top Dog is celebrating by highlighting service dogs and their specific dog training needs.

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We are your local dog experts, and we are happy to share our knowledge about service dogs and dog training in NC.

What is a Service Dog?

Service dogs are a class of animals recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under the law, service animals can be either horses or dogs. They perform a specific task for a person with a disability.

Most people are familiar with seeing eye dogs, but service dogs can perform a wide variety of tasks for people with different conditions, including:

  • Pulling wheelchairs
  • Assisting with seizures
  • Detecting blood sugar levels in people with diabetes
  • Alerting people who are hearing impaired
  • Reminding people to take prescriptions
  • Calming people who experience anxiety attacks, PTSD, or other panic disorders
  • Assisting people with autism

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs must be allowed in public spaces and your place of residence, regardless of the establishment or landlord’s pet policies.

However, if a service dog cannot be controlled or would make it impossible to render services at a certain business, they may be asked to leave.

Service dogs do not need to be registered unless they are flying on an airplane with their handler. However, many owners participate in voluntary service animal registration programs.

Many service dog owners also opt to identify their service dogs with specific vests, harnesses, or other accessories, although it is not required.

Since service dogs don’t have to wear specific identification, it is extremely important to ask the owner before petting a dog. The dog may be performing a specific job, and you don’t want to distract them and unintentionally put someone in danger.

Service Dog Training

There are no formal training requirements for service dogs; however, they must be trained to perform their necessary tasks. You can try to train a service dog yourself, but we recommend looking for a professional dog trainer near me for the best results.

The exact specifications of a service dog’s training program depend on its owners’ disability, but all service dogs should be able to:

  • Remain calm but alert
  • Not engage in aggressive behavior with other animals
  • Respond to commands
  • Retain information
  • Ignore distractions
  • Socialize in different environments
  • Perform disability-related tasks reliably

It is crucial to train a service dog to work both at home and in public so that they do not become distracted in the new environment.

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