How to Create an Emergency Plan for Your Pet

Pets are an essential part of every household. Guaranteeing their safety during disastrous situations is the owner’s responsibility. To help you do that, we are listing 4 steps to follow when creating an emergency plan for pets.

An Emergency Survival Kit

In a disastrous situation like hurricanes, floods, or tornadoes, an emergency kit should be your priority. It should contain:

  • At least three days’ worth of food and water.
  • Compiled medical records and essential medicines.
  • Basic first aid essentials like bandages, disinfectants, gloves, scissors, ointments, saline solution, flea, tick prevention medications, etc.
  • We suggest you opt for microchipping your pet to keep track of their whereabouts. Otherwise, you can always put an ID label or tracking collar.
  • Keep items for sanitation, including a litter box, newspapers, trash bags, paper towels, etc.
  • A picture of your pet and you in case you two get separated.
  • Some of your pet’s favorite toys to help reduce stress during disasters.

Draft a Getaway Plan

You must do your research before you abandon your house during emergencies. Conduct your research and identify safe zones to head for if need be. Identify friends or family members who may be willing to take care of your pet or look for boarding facilities or hotels that can help you out.

Buddy Rescue System

Disasters often come unannounced and unexpectedly. Make sure you talk to neighbors or friends who can evacuate your pet in case you are unavailable.

Contact your Vet

Discuss your pet’s conditions with your vet before drafting the plan. Ask them or any specific medications that you need to carry during emergencies. They will also provide you with contact details of emergency treatment centers for your pets. Make sure you keep that list safe and readily available during an emergency.

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