How To Make Easter Safe For Pets

Just as it is for humans, Easter is pretty special for pets too. The house is made colorful and decorated, goodies line each table, and eggs lie all around the house.

While you should have as much fun as possible on Easter, you need to make sure that your pets aren’t harmed in any way on this special day. Remember, when you have a day to enjoy yourself, your pets enjoy themselves with you!

Here are 2 tips on how to make Easter safe for your pets.

1.   Keep Them Away From Chocolate

It’s common knowledge that chocolate is harmful to pets, both dogs and cats. So, if you’re making an Easter basket for your pet, make sure not to put any chocolate in it.

Also, if you’re going to be distributing chocolate eggs and other sweets to the children in your family, make sure you store these treats away from places where your pets can access them.

If your pets ingest chocolate of any sort, it can lead to stomach issues, and can even be fatal for them.

Another way to protect your pets this Easter is to supervise any small children in the house to make sure they don’t give chocolate to the pets in the house.

If, however, the worst does happen and your pet eats some chocolate, you should contact a pet poison hotline immediately or take your pet to a vet.

2.   Keep Easter Lilies Away From Your Pet

Easter lilies are perhaps the single most common Easter decoration. Whenever you decorate your home for Easter, make sure that any plants that you keep around the house are safe for your pet.

For example, if you receive Easter Lilies as a gift, make sure to keep them in a place that is not accessible to your pets. This is because the Easter Lilly is poisonous to animals. In fact, each part of the plant, from the stem to the leaves to the petals, and even the pollen, can be incredibly dangerous to your pet.

If your pup or kitty ingests even a little bit of the pollen, it can lead to kidney failure or even death.

Easter time should be a fun time for your family and your pets, and using these 2 tips will help you make Easter safe for your pets.

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