How To Pet-Proof Your House

While bringing a new pet into your home can be very exciting, pets can also be pretty inquisitive and mischievous. As such, keeping in mind their safety, it is crucial to pet-proof your home well in time for the arrival of your new pet.

These tips can teach you how to pet-proof your house properly before welcoming any new pet.

1.   Make sure that your possessions are protected

To start off, you will have to make sure that all of your precious possessions are completely safe and secure and in places where your pup’s paws can’t reach them. For example, it is a good idea to keep your valuables in high places, such as on the top of a cabinet. Similarly, things such as detergents, medicines, and any other chemical materials need to be placed on high shelves, out of the reach of your pet. Similarly, trash cans should be kept inside cabinets where your pup can’t reach.

You can even use childproof locks and latches on your cabinets in case your pet is smart enough to open them or if you wish to be extra careful.

2.   Keep food items away from your pet

Most pets tend to be inquisitive and naughty, especially with a new owner. You will have to make sure that you keep all food items, particularly those that come in wrappers, away from your pet. The wrappers can be extra harmful to your pet, so you will have to be careful.

3.   Remove all wires from sight

Before welcoming your new pet in the house, you will have to make sure that any wires that typically lie in your living room or bedroom are out of sight of your pet. A new dog or cat will want to chew on things, and if they decide to chew on any of these wires, it could result in them getting electrocuted.

4.   Make sure your toilet lid is shut at all times

Pets often love exploring their new homes, and they’ll want to drink out of the toilet when they find it. As such, make sure that all toilet seats have their lids shut, lest your pet accidentally ingests any harmful cleaning chemicals.

Make sure to follow these helpful tips on how to pet-proof your house before welcoming your new pet into your home.

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