How to Tell If Your Pet Is Overweight

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Overweight dogs are a problem for even the most careful and concerned pet parents. Similar to an overweight human, an overweight pet poses a number of different problems for a pet owner.

Once you identify that your pet indeed has weight problems, it is time to get them started on a weight loss program.

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Here’s how to tell if your pet is overweight.

1.    Check His Weight on a Weighing Scale

The easiest way to check whether your pup is overweight is to simply make your dog stand on the weighing scale in the bathroom and check his weight. If your scale ends up showing a weight that is far too high, your dog might be overweight, but there are a few factors to keep in mind first.

Remember that before judging whether or not your pet is overweight, you will have to take into account your dog’s breed, age, and height, among other things. The best way to tell whether your dog is unhealthy or not is to take your dog to the vet and have your pet checked out.

2.    The ‘Rib Test’

Yet another indicator of whether or not your dog is overweight is the ‘rib test.’ All you have to do is run your hands around the abdomen and the flanks of your dog. Ideally, you should be able to feel its ribs. If you cannot do so anymore, this indicates that your pet is overweight.

3.    A Lack of Interest in Playing

If your dog is overweight, it’s very likely that he won’t want to play with you as much as he used to. This is especially true when it comes to sports and all physical activities. However, being overweight is not the only reason why your dog won’t want to play around with you. He may also be sick or hurt, so the best thing to do is to take him to a vet and have him diagnosed.

If you keep these simple methods in mind, you’ll know how to tell if your pet is overweight.

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