National Wildlife Week – How to Keep Your Pet Safe around Wildlife

National Wildlife Week – How to Keep Your Pet Safe around Wildlife

Wildlife forms a vital part of our ecosystem. The diversity and beauty of wildlife are celebrated all around the world every year during National Wildlife Week. This year, it is all set to be celebrated from 9th March to 13th March.

As much as wildlife is celebrated, pet owners dread the fact that this week is celebrated during the warmer months. As the temperature gets warm, people prefer spending more time outdoors. For someone who owns pets, it is obvious that they’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors with their pets. However, taking your pets outdoors puts them at risk of encountering wild animals.

If you’re worried about your pet coming into contact with wild animals, you can take certain measures to keep your pets safe.

• Keep Your Pets On A Leash

As the weather gets warm, wild animals start coming out of hibernation and go about in search of food. They’re hungry and wild and will attack your pet the moment they get the chance. Therefore, you must provide adequate cover to your pets if you keep them outdoors. Building them a barn or a shelter that keeps them out of sight of any wild animals or birds that might be wandering nearby in search of their next meal will keep them safe.

• Make Some Noise

Making some sort of noise before letting your pets outdoors is a great way to alert wild animals that you’re around. You can put bells around your pet’s neck when you go on a hiking trip too. Wild animals will be alerted of your presence, and they’ll run away. This is a great way to keep your pets safe around wildlife.

• Do Not Leave Garbage Out In The Open

Stray dogs and cats and other animals are attracted to a welcoming garbage bin. This puts your pet at a greater risk of encountering wild animals. To keep pets safe from any such encounters with wild animals, always close the garbage bins properly.

Keeping pets safe around wildlife is a lingering danger, but taking the right precautionary measures can help you keep pets safe from wild animals.

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