Puppy Training

Why You Should Hire a Professional Trainer to Train Your Puppy

Bring in the Experts

As a pet owner, you need to understand that humans and dogs are two completely different creatures. You may find it difficult differentiating between bad behavior and when your puppy is just being it’s silly, playful self. At this stage, unnecessary strictness or over-coddling can lead to negative behavior in your precious pooch that can follow it into adulthood.

A professional dog trainer has the skills and expertise to differentiate right from wrong and can work with your dog according to his/her learning capabilities according to breed. They can also pinpoint behavior that your untrained eye might miss. For instance, they can detect normal and unstable behavior and nip it in the bud with completely safe techniques. They may also tell you if your hyper active puppy is normal or needs medication to deal with undiagnosed anxiety. In other words, hiring a professional dog trainer will be way more effective and a safer option than trying to train your puppy yourself.

In fact, one of the first things your trainer will determine is how social your puppy is and to make it comfortable around people other than you. This is a crucial step in the training process and one that will create the foundation for proceeding lessons. If your dog trainer does this, then he/she is a keeper!

Myths Debunked!

Speaking of effective training, there are some myths out there that prevent many new dog owners from hiring a trainer for their new family member. We debunked some of them for you so you don’t have to:

Myth 1 – The dog will grow out of it

Reality – If you allow your puppy to nibble on your slippers, pee on the carpet, dig up the yard, or any other bad behavior for some time, chances are he will not grow out of it. In fact, the tendency to behave like that will only grow stronger with age making the dog nigh impossible to train. If you cannot persuade him, then hiring a trainer to do so will be a better idea.

Myth 2 – My puppy is too stubborn to learn

Reality – Chances are you are just too impatient to teach him what he should no and not do. Just like us, dogs can get stubborn and refuse to listen to us no matter what we tempt them with and just like us this behavior can be the result of fear or anxiety. You might not be able to detect it, but a dog trainer will, working to waylay them.

How to Puppy Proof your Home

No matter how well trained your puppy is, you still have to make sure that your home is equipped to make his stay with you as comfortable and danger free as possible. The following are some things you can do in this regard:

  • Remove toxic plants from your home and lawn or place them where your puppy can’t chew on them.
  • Keep all medication out of reach in cabinets that your puppy cannot access
  • Keep tubs and baths empty; these can be drowning hazards for a puppy that loves to explore.
  • Keep cleaning supplies in locked cupboards or use childproof latches to secure them.
  • Keep the puppy away from rocking chairs; a curious one may be inclined to crawl under them and hurt himself in the process.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”
—Charles M. Schulz