Search and Rescue Program

Our SAR’s Search and Rescue Program

Top Dog Training and Resort has established a stellar curriculum to not only train K9s but handlers as well. We are committed to providing dynamic training methods to ensure that the k9’s, as well as the handlers, are up to par in the field of Search and Rescue. We guarantee a flawless example of tracking and trailing. Our instructors have extensive training, as well as, countless hours of research and trials in the field. At Top Dog Training and Resort, our instructors have dedicated themselves to the training and care of all K9’s that we train and care for here. We are dedicated to providing the best services to all k9 and handler teams we encounter.

Your Top Dog Training and Resort Team

Jennie Fuller: Instructor

  • Handler of K9 Lapua & K9 Judge for man trailing.
  • Certified Police K9 instructor and professional obedience Trainer.
  • Trained with the REDS SAR team located in Garner NC.
  • Trained and handled K9 Lester in narcotics detection