dog training

Weekly Schedule

Mondays to Fridays

  • AM– 7am-1pm
  • PM– 3pm-7pm

Price list:

  • Under 10 miles $10 per dog
  • Under 15 miles $15 per dog
  • Under 20 miles $20 per dog
  • More than 20 miles call and ask for pricing

Shuttle FAQ’s

How far do you go out?

20 miles

What is the additional cost to go further?

More than 20 miles is $2 per extra mile

How much notice should I provide if I wish to schedule a shuttle service?

We can make reservations within 48 hours given availability but to ensure a spot, we suggest at least 7 days.

Does an adult need to be present?

No, you can leave detailed instructions for Transportation Specialists.

Can you just open the door and let my dog into my home?

Only with client permission and we do a perimeter search in the designated space for anything potentially harmful to the dog (Example: choking hazards: small toys, toxic items: grapes, medicines, cleaning chemicals, sharp objects, etc.)

Are you insured?


How is my dog secured in the vehicle?

Either in a crate or with a seatbelt in a seat.

What if there’s a car accident?

We contact the police, the owner, insurance company, and take the dog to a vet if necessary.

What if I am not home?

That is fine! We are happy to accommodate each individual client’s situation. Please leave detailed instructions.