The Right Dog For The Right Person

Just like people, not all dogs are alike. The various breeds have different personalities, needs, energy levels, and desires. Alongside breed, age, and past experiences also mold a dog’s personality. When you think about bringing a puppy home, you are looking for a lifetime of companionship, so wouldn’t the journey be much more fulfilling and satisfying if you choose a dog with compatibility in mind?

There is no ‘best dog’ out there; there is only the right dog for you. Some things to consider before choosing to bring a dog home are:


Perhaps, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is, “Why am I getting a dog?” For most people, the reason is either one of the two: company or security. If security is your major concern, then a larger, guard dog might be best for you; otherwise, a smaller dog or a non-sporting dog might be ideal.


Think long and hard about what kind of dog would be best for you, and choose a breed that would adapt well and keep up with your lifestyle. If you are a young, fit person, who often likes to go hiking and running, sporting dogs or hounds can be great companions for you. For an elderly couple, a low-energy breed like a bulldog or a pug might be the perfect fit. The breed defines the dog’s activity levels and personalities, so get a breed that will complement yours.


The age of the dog must be taken into account when you are looking to adopt. Some younger puppies and some large adult dogs are very energetic and need lots of exercises. So if your lifestyle does not allow you to take them out too often, opt for an older dog. If you have little kids in the house, a smaller, naughtier golden retriever or a Labrador will fare well too, as he will always have someone to play with.

There are several other factors that you need to take into account before you make the big decision of bringing a dog home, so do your research before welcoming the bundle of joy into your life.

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