What You Should Expect When You Adopt a Rescue Dog

What You Should Expect When You Adopt a Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is one of the best decisions you can make! Not only do you get to provide a home to an animal in need, but you also get a friend who loves you unconditionally!

If you’ve only ever bought a dog directly from a breeder or pet store, however, there are a few things you should know.

Top Dog Training and Resort is here to help! Dogs are our life. We are a Hillsborough, Durham, and Chapel Hill dog training and pet resort, and we also offer dog boarding, dog grooming, and our signature door-to-door dog pickup and dropoff service!

Here’s some advice from our certified dog trainers to help you build a strong bond with your rescue dog!

It May Take A While For Your Dog to Adjust

Every rescue dog has a unique backstory. Some may have had a loving home with an elderly caretaker who passed away, whereas others may have come from abusive environments.

Depending on their background, your rescue dog may demonstrate anxiety, distrust of other animals or people, or bad habits when you first get them.

I remember the heartbreak I felt when my rescue dog, Bailey, bolted out the door and down the street the second we brought her home.

She was scared of the new environment, but a week later, she was snuggling in my lap–already the little princess!

Don’t get discouraged if it takes your rescue dog weeks or even months to adjust to their new life.

Just have patience with your rescue dog and do your best to provide an open, comfortable environment where they can explore their new home and their relationship with you.

If you need any advice on helping your rescue dog adjust, look no further than Top Dog’s knowledgeable staff. At Top Dog, we foster a caring, fun environment that helps dogs learn.

Your Dog May Need Some Training

Many rescue dogs do not come from backgrounds that build healthy habits. They may not be familiar with walking, listening to commands, or using the bathroom outside.

So, you may be asking yourself, “Where are the dog trainers near me?”

If you live near Chapel Hill, dog training at Top Dog is the answer!

Our certified trainers are dedicated to teaching dogs in the way that makes sense for the individual. We understand that no two dogs are alike, so every dog needs a unique approach!

We offer three different “classrooms” for the dogs in our care: the training room, where they learn basic skills and manners; outside, where they learn to socialize; and field trips to pet-friendly establishments, where they learn how to behave in public.

In addition to our main training regimen, we also offer private lessons and a boarding school program to better suit both your needs and your dog’s!

You Will Fall in Love

All pets are unique and lovable, but there is truly something special about the bond between a rescue dog and their family.

While rescue dogs need some extra patience as they adjust to their new home and learn better manners, the unconditional love they provide is more than worth it!

Top Dog is there for you and your rescue dog every step of the way. We’ll work with you and your dog to establish healthy habits from the get-go.

Even years later, if you are headed out vacation and finding yourself searching for “dog boarding near me,” we are your top choice!

Top Dog’s boarding program is an environment where your dogs can relax while you are away. We provide clean, comfortable beds and calming music, as well as access to our expert trainers and Day School.

To pamper your pooch with the best Chapel Hill pet resort while also making sure that they are on their best behavior, contact us today!

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