Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

There’s nothing cuter than getting a kiss from your dog–unless your puppy’s breath smells like a trash can!

Everyone experiences bad breath occasionally, including dogs, but chronic halitosis might be a sign of a much-needed visit to your local Durham, NC groomers, behavior that needs to be changed, or even a more serious condition.

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Let’s discuss some of the causes of bad breath in dogs and explore treatment and prevention options, from specialized dental chew toys to dog grooming in Mebane, NC.

Causes of Bad Breath in Dogs

There are a variety of reasons that your dog may be experiencing halitosis, from snacking on something unsavory in the yard to underlying conditions.

Common causes of bad breath in dogs include:

 Unsupervised Snacking

While you may have a careful plan for your dog’s meals, sometimes your pooch goes rogue. Your dog may have gotten into some garbage or rabbit droppings in the backyard, resulting in nasty breath.

 Poor Oral Hygiene

Dogs should have their teeth brushed regularly, just like humans. If you don’t have a regular dental care plan for your dog, bacteria and food can build up and begin to stink.

Bad breath can also indicate other oral health problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral infections, or even oral tumors.

If you’re worried about brushing your dog’s teeth yourself, reach out to dog groomers in Durham, NC to see if they offer any teeth brushing services.


While it may not be concerned with “bad breath,” strangely fruity-smelling breath can be a symptom of diabetes, especially when combined with a sudden increase in drinking or urination.

 Kidney Disease

When your dog’s kidneys aren’t functioning properly, they can’t filter or process waste materials in the correct manner. Waste could build up in your dog’s body, resulting in the breath that smells like urine or feces.

Liver Disease

If your dog has severe bad breath combined with vomiting, diarrhea, and/or yellow gums, they may be experiencing liver disease.

How To Get Rid of and Prevent Bad Breath

Bad breath is always a symptom of something else, and how you get rid of your dog’s bad breath depends on the underlying cause.

For temporary bad breath caused by unsupervised snacking, simply keep an eye on your dog whenever they are outside and make sure that they can’t access trash, litter boxes, or another animal’s cage inside the home. The problem will eventually go away.

When oral hygiene issues are at the root of your dog’s halitosis, begin brushing their teeth more regularly, and if nothing improves, see your vet. They may prescribe a specialized diet, medication, or therapy to improve your dog’s oral health.

If you suspect diabetes, kidney disease, or liver disease, schedule a visit to your veterinarian immediately. These conditions can be serious and need intervention as soon as possible.

The best way to prevent bad breath is to keep up with oral hygiene and grooming on a regular basis while feeding your dog a balanced diet.

Start a brushing routine as early as possible with your puppy (using only dog-friendly toothpaste!) and reach out to your local dog groomers in Durham, NC to see if they offer teeth cleaning.

You may even consider a professional veterinary dentist, and if your dog is not behaving properly when you try to clean their teeth, training might be in order.

There are also a variety of products that promote good oral hygiene in dogs, including chew toys, treats, food, and water additives.

Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC with Top Dog

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