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Why is Microchipping Important?

Why is Microchipping Important?

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The love we have for our pets is perhaps best described as something similar to that of a parent and child. Losing your beloved pet can be traumatic, and nobody wants to take that risk. There are multiple methods that pet owners use to keep track of their pets, and one of them is via microchips.

Here are a few reasons that can best summarize the importance of microchipping your pets.

It establishes a Link with your Pet

Microchips are easily embeddable computer chips that contain a unique identification number granted to each pet. These chips are minute and are easily embedded in your pet’s skin via a syringe and needle.

The identification granted to each pet is registered against the contact details of the owner. If your pet gets lost and ends up in a shelter, the shelter management can locate the chip and contact the owners right away.

Safer than ID Tags and Tracking Collars

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While microchips mainly provide the same function as ID tags or tracking collars do, they are safer to use. Id tags and collars are easily removable. In case your pet gets stolen, the thief only has to rip off the label, and they are then free to sell the pet as they please.

However, a microchip is embedded into the pet’s skin and is not easily detectable or removable. It increases your chances of locating your pet if the thief tries to sell it.

Could Save Their Life

More than half of the lost pets that end up in a shelter house are unable to survive the harsh conditions. A pet with a microchip can be safely returned to the owners even if it does end up in a shelter house.

Even if your little pal does slip out from the safety of the house, the chip ensures they will have a high chance of making their way back home.

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