Why You Should Groom Your Dog Daily

You groom yourself every day, so why shouldn’t your dog get that same attention?

While you don’t have to seek out professional dog grooming in Chapel Hill every single day, a daily dog grooming routine, complemented by regular trips to your groomer, will help keep your pooch feeling happy and healthy!

Top Dog Training and Resort offers the best dog grooming in Durham, NC, and the wider Triangle Area. We are your local dog experts, and we always put your dog first. That’s why we are sharing some of our grooming expertise with you!

The Importance of Dog Grooming

While it’s obvious that you want your dog to be clean and comfortable–without obscured vision because of sloppy bangs or getting caught on overly long nails–there are even more benefits to grooming.

First off, regular grooming avoids larger grooming issues down the line, like matted hair.

Grooming can also help control shedding. If it feels like everything in your house is covered in a thin layer of fur, regular brushing can reduce shedding. Brushing stimulates oil glands in your dog’s skin, which in turn encourages it to hang on to fur.

Regular nail trimming can improve your dog’s feet and joint health, and teeth brushing also keeps your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, while also preventing bad breath.

However, the most important benefit of grooming is the prevention of medical and dental issues. Regular grooming gives you the opportunity to check your dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, and body for warning signs of larger issues.

How Often Should I Groom My Dog?

Your dog’s specific grooming needs will vary depending on its breed and the time of year. For example, dogs tend to develop thicker coats in the winter, and then they shed more in the spring.

As a rule of thumb, Top Dog recommends daily hair brushing as the foundation of your at-home grooming routine. You should also brush your dog’s teeth daily and/or give them a special dental treat to promote tooth health.

There are a few other monthly items to work into your dog’s routine, like nail trimming. A dog’s nails shouldn’t stick out beyond its pads, and they should be trimmed every three to four weeks.

If your dog is uncomfortable letting you trim its nails, you can seek help from professional groomers or vets.

Dogs don’t need to bathe as often as humans do; in fact, over-bathing can strip healthy oils from your dog’s skin and hair. Typically, your dog needs a bath every 6-12 weeks. However, if your dog gets really dirty from muddy outdoor play, bathe them immediately!

In addition to at-home grooming routines, we recommend scheduling professional dog grooming in Chapel Hill, NC every one to two months for haircuts and full grooming.

Grooming Recommendations by Breed

Every dog has unique grooming needs, but being familiar with your dog’s hair type based on its breed will help you develop a good dog grooming routine.


Long-Haired Breeds (i.e. Maltese, Shih Tzus) Short-Haired Breeds

(i.e. pit bulls, pugs)

Breeds with Curly Hair (i.e. poodles, doodles) Breeds with Thick Undercoats (i.e. Great Pyrenees, Pomeranians)
Daily brushing Daily brushing Daily brushing REQUIRED Daily brushing
Baths every 4-6 weeks Baths every 6-12 weeks Baths every 3-4 weeks Monthly baths
Professional grooming visits every 6 weeks Professional grooming visits every two months Professional grooming visits every 6-8 weeks Professional grooming visits every 8-12 weeks

While this chart is a helpful guide, it is not comprehensive. Schedule some professional dog grooming in Durham, NC to get some expert advice on your dog’s specific needs.

Top Dog: The Best Dog Grooming in Chapel Hill, NC

When you need dog grooming in Chapel Hill, Durham, or Hillsborough, look no further than Top Dog! We are your number one local dog groomer, and we offer a full suite of services to help your dog look and feel its best.

Our grooming services include:

  • full-service baths
  • haircuts
  • hair styling and pattern options
  • nail trimming
  • ear plucking
  • blow drying
  • an optional dash of dog-friendly cologne

To learn more about how you can keep your dog happy and healthy with dog grooming in Chapel

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