Dog Boarding Durham

The Extended Vacation Your Dog Deserves

For most of us, pets are family. They live with us, share in our triumphs and sorrows, and give us the gift of their wagging tails and cute yaps every day. You give your pup the best of your love when you’re around, but what about when you’re not?

We’re a haven for your furballs. There’s no doubt that your pet will miss you most, but we can guarantee that it won’t be too sad! We have everything a dog could ever want: lively grounds for them to run around, toys to play with, all the snacks they could ever ask for and a soft bed to rest and nap when tired from all the jumping around.

We know what our furry companions want, and that’s what makes our dog boarding service a haven for furballs!


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Why Choose Us?

Safety and Comfort

Our resort offers your dog the safety that it needs to grow and thrive. Not only will your dear pet be safe from any outside threats or dangers, but it will also be the happiest in the company of new friends!

Plus, the constant worry of not knowing whether your darling pup has eaten or slept well is completely removed. We guarantee that your pets will be absolutely comfortable with us.

Individual Attention

If you’re going away for an extended period, you may be worried about your canine’s emotional needs. Fret not; we have you covered on that end with our policy of giving individual attention to each dog. Your furry baby will get all the pets and belly rubs it needs!

Skilled Caregivers

Our team of experts has the pet-care experience needed to handle your dogs with gentle hands. They can take care of your pup’s medication or any special diet if the need arises, and they are 100% certified with on and off-leash training.

Not only are they professionals, but they also absolutely adore furry babies! This is how you know for sure your dog is in safe hands.

Shuttle Service

We offer a shuttle service to and from our facility for your convenience. Instead of worrying about bringing your dog over, you can get them picked up and dropped off with our efficient canine pickup and delivery service.

Free Day School

For dogs that are boarding with us, our day school is absolutely free. It features comprehensive pet training sessions from Monday to Friday and supervised play on the weekends.

If you’re in the Durham area and looking for a facility that can house your dog and keep him as safe and happy as he possibly can without you, the Durham Pet Resort is your best bet!

Contact us to book a boarding stay for your canine companion today!


K9 Crate – Per Night, Per Dog
1 dog…$50

K9 Cabins – Per Night, Per Dog
(Dogs Less Than 40 lbs)
1 dog…$55
2 dogs…$105
3 dogs…$145

Standard Kennel – Per night, Per Dog
1 dog…$60
2 dogs…$115
3 dogs…$160

Luxury Suites – Per Night, Per Dog
1 dog…$65
2 dogs…$125
3 dogs..$175

Penthouse – Per Night
1 dog…$80
2 dogs…$155
3 dogs…$220

There are also 10-night packages you may purchase to save more! Call for customized pricing for 4 or more dogs