Does grooming your dog feel like an uphill battle? Our professional team of dog groomers is ready to take over. All you’ve got to do is send your pet over to our dog grooming facility at Chapel Hill, NC. Let’s admit it! No matter what you do, your pup will pick the mud over bubble bath any day. It’s the reason why we’ve roped in an A-team of dog groomers and stylists to lend a hand.

Our little spa is the ideal place to send your pups over for a proper trim. We also tackle unsightly matting, dirty nails, and other hygiene concerns. We wash, trim, and style your pets to make sure they look well-groomed and shiny. We’ve got everything your doggies need to look their best.

Dog Grooming Services for Chapel Hill

Luxurious Baths

Is your dog looking scruffier than usual? Odds are that it needs a good scrub! We understand that no amount of coaxing can work on these stubborn beings. It’s why we make their bath time fun by adding in a delicious concoction of oatmeal baths (perfect remedy for dry, itchy coats!). Our secret formula gets their fur cleaned in no time. Plus, the dog care packages also include blow drying, ear plucking and an optional splash of dog-friendly cologne.

Terrific Trims

Got a shaggy looking pup on your hands? No worries! A short trim will be enough to make your K9 presentable again. You can also opt for a full-fledged trim if required. The package includes paws, face, and delicate areas. Moreover, we cater to special trimming requests too. All you’ve got to do is consult the stylists beforehand to ensure that they know what needs to be done. What about the cost? Our grooming services are charged according to breeds and the dog’s appearance. You can check the pricing list for more information.

Styling Sessions

Do you want your K9 to look prim, proper, and paw-fect? Say no more! Our stylists are equipped with the best styling tools to make this happen. From bows, bandanas, to flashy nail paints―they’ve got it all covered. The best part is that our styling services include temporary tattoos, pattern trims, and fur-coloring too. With our assistance, your precious pup will make heads turn wherever it goes.

Why Choose Us?

Do you still have your doubts? Let’s look at why pet parents pick us:

  • We’ve got professional dog groomers and stylist.
  • We’re willing to accommodate your preferences.
  • Our dog grooming and styling services are affordable.

Do you think it’s time for your pup to get groomed? Book a spa day, for your furry friend with the best dog grooming team at Chapel Hill, NC! Creating a safe and hygienic environment is our top priority