Chapel Hill Puppy Obedient Program

The best age to train a dog is when they are a wee little puppy. However, training an overly enthusiastic puppy may not be your cup of tea. Plus, you may not have the time to train your puppy to learn to behave and greet others. Here’s an idea, why don’t you sign up your puppy for the Chapel Hill puppy and obedience training program.

Puppy Pre-requisites

The optimal age to enroll your puppy is at 12 weeks old, which is also a pre-requisite for the Top Training and Resort’s training program. While we are on the topic of pre-requisites, let’s look at some others:

  • Vaccinated for DHPP, Rabies, and Bordatella
  • Clear a behavior evaluation (dogs that do not clear it will not engage in activity with other dogs)
  • Owners are requested to provide their dog’s favorite treat, given to them as an award for displaying good behavior
  • Dogs will have their nails trimmed each day
  • Dogs should come with a fitted harness

Chapel Hill obedience training school will customize the training and the diet program to match each canine’s requirement.

What Will Your Puppy Learn in Training School?

Chapel Hill puppy training school understands and recognizes that not all dogs are built the same way. For this reason, our experienced dog trainers will teach your puppy skills they lack. For instance, when your puppy needs to use the bathroom, they will go outside rather than soil your carpet or floor.

To help your puppy succeed, Top Dog Training and Resort’s trainers will conduct one-on-one training to ensure they are on the same learning level as other puppies in our care. The trainers will also work on their excessive need to bark at people who enter their territory—your home and on people walking past them.

However, then there are some puppies who are jumping with energy that the trainers have to take measures to redirect it somewhere else. The climbing and jumping play equipment does the job.

Your Puppy Will Have a Time of Its Life

Chapel Hill puppy training school makes everyday fun for your furry friend. They are guaranteed to have a blast playing with their other dogs, playing fun games with the trainers, and being cared and looked after by our loving and expert trainers. If your puppy does not get along with other dogs, specifically your dog at home, the trainers will teach your pup to play nice.

Moreover, for your puppy, each day will be better than the last. Chapel Hill obedience school’s trainers will create a friendly atmosphere and environment your puppy will love. If you want, you can leave your puppy in the care of our trainers for three weeks or you can opt for the Day Training Program. Top Dog Training and Resort offers a Pick-Up Shuttle service so you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to come and drop your dog at our facility.

Your Reformed Puppy

After three weeks of training, your puppy will learn run to you when you call it, walk on the leash, without pulling you in a different direction, and greet your guests politely without jumping on them. They will learn how to play properly without creating a mess of your home and they will follow commands such as “sit,” “down,” “watch,” and “come.”

When you enroll your puppy with Top Dog Training and Resort school, you will stay informed every step of the way. Bring your puppy in today so our trainers can start working on modifying their behaviors.