Virtual Dog Training

Virtual Dog Training Classes from the Comfort of Your Home

Having a pet dog comes with a lot of love, hugs, and wet kisses, but it also comes with responsibility. Dog training is an essential part of being a dog owner. After all, as loveable as our furry friends are, they can also be chaotic and messy at times.

While many dog owners want to get their dogs enrolled in dog training classes, the current pandemic has them worrying about their safety. However, there is no need to worry because we have come up with a perfectly safe and COVID-free solution for all your dog training needs! We present to you…

The Virtual Dog Training Classes!

Now, you can train your dog from the comfort of your home without risking exposure for you or your family. Sign up for the virtual classes by contacting Top Dog.

Virtual Basic Obedience 101

Offers basic manners in and around the house.

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Place
  • Manners
  • Jumping
  • Up
  • Sit to Greet
  • Heel with an Automatic
  • Sit Managing Distractions
  • Leave It / Drop It Sit / Down / Stay with Distractions
  • Socialization Greeting people politely Proper play

Virtual Puppy Kindergarten

This class is a combination of teaching the new addition to your family what is expected of him/her. We play fun training games to socialize your puppy, teach proper manners, and calming signals. Gentling exercises” enabling the owner to touch the puppy’s feet, ears, and tummy w/o a struggle in preparation for vet visits. Building a relationship with your puppy” where we discuss consistency, fairness, frequent very short training sessions, and always having a reward available for good behavior. Do not feed the puppy immediately before class and to refrain from much interaction with other puppies before class as getting them all “wound up” is not very conducive for learning. At the end of class, we will allow 5 to10 minutes of free play among the puppies as a reward for their work.


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Virtual Puppy Kindergarten
Start Time 10:00 AM

Sign up for any of our 6 weeks virtual classes

  • 03/20/21 • 04/24/21
  • 05/01/21 • 06/05/21
  • 06/12/21 • 07/17/21
  • 07/24/21 • 08/28/21
  • 09/04/21 • 10/09/21
  • 10/16/21 • 11/20/21

Virtual Basic Obedience 101
Start Time 11:15 AM

Sign up for any of our 6 weeks virtual classes

  • 03/20/21 • 04/24/21
  • 05/20/21 • 06/05/21
  • 06/12/21 • 07/17/21
  • 07/24/21 • 08/28/21
  • 09/04/21 • 10/09/21
  • 10/16/21 • 11/20/21

Why Top Dog?

Top Dog is the brainchild of Jennie Fuller, a certified dog trainer who’s been training dogs for the past 16 years. She is incredibly passionate about working with dogs and started this locally owned business in Hillsborough, NC, to help dog owners benefit from her expertise.

Top Dog has been incredibly successful over the years, causing our team to grow. All our team members are trained, certified professional dog trainers. Jennie herself is a certified Police K9 Instructor and Professional Obedience Trainer. We are deeply committed to providing only the best service to our clients and a great learning experience for all our canine students.

Our Virtual Dog Training Classes

With the pandemic making social interactions unsafe, we wanted to ensure dog owners could continue benefiting from our expertise in the safest way possible. This goal led us to design the Virtual Dog Training module, which could be taken from the comfort of your home and will help you train your dog without putting yourself at risk.

Our virtual COVID-free program offers objective-based training and aims at instilling the following skills in your beloved dog.


First off, our program’s goal is to make your dog a disciplined one so you can have decorum both inside the house and outside it. We help them explore and expend their energy in physical activities without disrupting order and help them relieve their anxiety.

We instill obedience to ensure the dogs become accustomed to following the orders they are trained to listen to without offering resistance.

Basic Commands

The next and one of the most important parts of the program is training your dog to listen to basic commands like sit, stay, circle, drop, etc. The commands range from simple to more complex and are taught through a combination of techniques, like baiting and rewards, in line with the dogs’ personality types.

We will teach your dog a total number of 25+ commands to respond to in combination with behavioral skills to complete the package.


Last but not least, the virtual dog training classes will help modify your dog’s behavior to make them more obedient and to teach them key responses to routine occurrences. We will teach them basic behavioral responses to several situations, some of which are as follows:

  • Stranger approaching and petting dog
  • Stranger with dog approaching owner to stop and say hello
  • Owner passing by a stranger with dog

We understand how important behavioral control and obedience are to dog owners in such situations and ensure the dogs are trained to behave obediently in such situations.

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In short, we are expert dog trainers and have created a COVID-free solution for your dog training needs through our Virtual Dog Training Classes. If you have wanted to opt for safe dog training, do not hesitate to contact us to sign up for the virtual classes. Our team will be happy to help you train your dog!